Things to Do

101 THINGS TO DO in 300 days (by 31 Dec 2010)

  1. Create a things to do list
  2. Learn to play/sing one song
  3. Skinny Dip at Midnight
  4. Make my own pasta
  5. Leave a “love” note on someone’s windscreen
  6. Spend an hour in a lift and greet & smile at everyone
  7. Send someone Flowers for no reason
  8. Walk barefoot in the mud (6 May 2010)
  9. Smile at 100 strangers
  10. Make a kite and fly it
  11. Make a paper-Mache pig
  12. Cook a meal from scratch
  13. Bake something for a friend
  14. Grow something and eat it
  15. Save electricity – turn my geyser down
  16. Give Adam’s old toys to charity
  17. Cycle to work
  18. Do Something for Nothing
  19. Plant a Tree
  20. Spend time with someone of a different generation
  21. Smile when I answer the phone
  22. Knit something
  23. Have a candle-lit dinner
  24. Abseil Down Table Mountain
  25. Go 10-pin bowling
  26. Do volunteer work
  27. Have a Picnic (10 times) (4 down, 6 to go).
  28. See a London Show
  29. Spend a day being pampered at a spa
  30. Plant a veggie garden
  31. Start a wormery
  32. Hug Mickey Mouse
  33. Donate Blood
  34. Partcipate inNa
  35. Shop at Harrods
  36. Visit a sex shop
  37.  >>>And buy something
  38. Milk a cow
  39. Build a water feature
  40. Declutter my house & space
  41. Create a scented linen closet
  42. Create order in my closet (although it now needs to be redone, me thinks)
  43. Sell a photo
  44. Visit the Castle of Good Hope
  45. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
  46. Lose 15 kg
  47. Start a savings account (and actually save)
  48. Explore a cave
  49. Visit Rhodes Memorial
  50. Visit Kirstenbosch
  51. Visit Cape Point
  52. Go to the top of table mountain
  53. Go whale watching
  54. Swim in the sea at sunset
  55. Swim in the sea at sunrise
  56. Go camping
  57. Swim in a rock pool
  58. Do yoga on the beach at sunrise
  59. Walk on the beach every day for a month
  60. Do a 5km run/walk (18 April, Spar Womens Challenge)
  61. Give a speech/lecture
  62. Pick strawberries
  63. Go horse riding (long beach?)
  64. Get a tattoo (yikes)
  65. Cut my hair short (yikes)  (shortish, does it count?)
  66. Sing karaoke (yikes)
  67. Go on a silent retreat
  68. Join a photography Club
  69. Hug a stranger
  70. Go on a road trip
  71. Make sushi
  72. Bake a cheesecake
  73. Wear False Eyelashes
  74. Smile at the Mona Lisa
  75. Ride on the Millennium Wheel
  76. Go ice skating
  77. Visit an art Gallery
  78. Go Gambling
  79. Go to a rugby game
  80. Go to a cricket game
  81. Go up Lion’s Head
  82. Walk to Sandy Bay
  83. Watch the noon-day gun (12 April 2010)
  84. Watch the sun set at Clifton Beach
  85. Go to a live show (Grease, March 2010)
  86. Get my website up
  87. Paint (or design) a picture for my wall
  88. Build a path in my front garden (it’s kinds wonky, but it’s there)
  89. Photograph the Eifel Tower
  90. Eyeball one of the guards at Buckingham palace (sort of)
  91. Take a bag to the beach and pick up litter
  92. Make a budget and stick to it
  93. Buy lunch for someone less fortunate
  94. Break a bad habbit
  95. Drink a Bottle of Moet, all by myself and celebrate life
  96. Send a message in a bottle
  97. Win something
  98. Develop a business plan
  99. Create a sacred space
  100. Create a home work space


101 THINGS TO DO in 1001 days (by 2 Dec 2012)

  1. Run/walk a race in fancy dress for charity
  2. Take Pole Dancing Lessons
  3. Make Love on the Beach
  4. Be Hypnotised
  5. Have my palm read/see a fortune teller
  6. Be passionately kissed in the rain
  7. Fall madly in love and be loved back
  8. Waterski
  9. Snowski
  10. Learn to Surf
  11. Learn to Snorkel
  12. Learn to Play Golf
  13. Do a Zip-Line
  14. Write a magazine article
  15. Get my teeth whitened
  16. Get a telescope
  17. Study the stars
  18. Do Tai-chi
  19. Learn to Juggle
  20. Investigate saving water with a water tank
  21. Get a pool
  22. Sew a quilt
  23. Make wine
  24. Photograph 10 weddings
  25. Learn to play the Piano
  26. Learn to Dance
  27. Look after a Bonsai
  28. Swim with Dolphins
  29. Experience a Past Life Regression
  30. Read the 101 books on my book List
  31. Walk on a swingy suspension bridge
  32. Learn to Boogie board
  33. Learn Basic French (sort of)
  34. Go canoeing
  35. Go river rafting
  36. Paraglide
  37. Go quad biking
  38. Host a wine tasting
  39. Clear out my garage (**gasp**)
  40. Lose 20 kg
  41. Own a pair of Levis
  42. Dance in the Moonlight
  43. Do a strip tease
  44. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise
  45. Sleep under the stars
  46. Have a snowball fight
  47. Build a snowman
  48. Enact a favourite fantasy
  49. Ride a rollercoaster
  50. Go for a midnight walk on the beach
  51. Got it on to “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
  52. Touch a cheetah
  53. Have a stand/booth at a market
  54. Set off fireworks
  55. Play strip poker
  56. Catch a plane on the spur of the moment
  57. Eat Sushi Naked
  58. Clean my house naked
  59. Have a boudoir photography shoot
  60. Write a book
  61. Take a self defense class
  62. Learn to sell myself
  63. Stop worrying about what others think of me
  64. Read women who run with wolves
  65. Swim in a waterfall
  66. Jump off a cliff
  67. Take an ice-cold bath
  68. Pick and eat an apple straight off the tree
  69. Climb a tree
  70. Watch a scary movie alone at night
  71. Sit on a rooftop and watch the stars (one of my favourite student memories)
  72. Write a letter to Father Christmas
  73. Create a scrapbook
  74. Walk in the Rain (9 May 2010)
  75. Pay for someone’s coffee, anonymously
  76. Renew an old relationship
  77. Attend a drumming circle
  78. Walk in the woods/forest
  79. Pitch a tent in my back yard and roast marshmallows
  80. Play Hopscotch
  81. Make a perfect Mojito
  82. Sit in the dark and watch the Christmas lights
  83. Have a non-commercial Christmas
  84. Keep a regular gratitude Journal
  85. Watch the sun set from the top of table mountain
  86. Visit Stonehenge
  87. Learn Tarot properly
  88. Create a personal mandala
  89. Create an online art gallery
  90. Complete a course in miracles
  91. Attend the Met
  92. Make a snowglobe
  93. Watch Randy Pausch
  94. Plant something from seeds
  95. Learn how to cook 10 fantastic meals
  96. Design a t-shirt
  97. Learn to crochet
  98. Go to a Music concert
  99. Learn Reiki
  100. Get rid of old clothes
  101. Get rid of old books (took 30+ books to second hand store. R350 credit. Came home with 3. **Sigh**)
  102. forgive done and dusted.



  • Write the story of my life
  • Have no regrets
  • Recycle more, waste less
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Be happy with the way I look
  • Take the Stairs
  • Be debt free, including paying off my bond
  • Be financially stable and independent
  • Explore my spirituality
  • Consider starting a life memory book
  • Be my own Boss
  • Age Gracefully
  • Get into good physical shape
  • Adopt a child
  • Study something
  • Charter a Yacht
  • Create a trust fund
  • Experience a happy, spiritual romantic relationship
  • Live in the present moment
  • Learn how to make people laugh, smile & happy
  • Control my anger
  • Go on a honeymoon, whether I’m married or not J
  • Live in the country
  • Give birth naturally
  • Start a charity
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Be a better Friend
  • Be a better Mother
  • Visit every continent
  • Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  • Visit the pyramids
  • Visit the Taj Mahal
  • Visit the Grand Canyon
  • See northern lights
  • Visit Great Wall of China
  • Own a room with a view
  • Go on a cruise
  • Choose happiness
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Create passive investment income
  • Challenge my comfort zones
  • Learn to trust your instincts
  • Be authentic;
  • Set your own agenda instead of being pulled into the agenda of others;
  • Break the rules;
  • Do the unexpected;
  • Be unforgettable. 

3 Responses to “Things to Do”

  1. Caroline March 7, 2010 at 9:41 pm #

    Wow, interesting lists! It was fascinating to see the things on your list I have done, things we share wanting to do and the bits that make me wonder why you’d want to do that! Good luck with it all and with your (new) blog! xxx


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