Love List

I have realised that I don’t know myself very well. I believe that I have the power to make myself happy, but I haven’t a clue what makes me happy. So this page is my attempt to figure out what makes me happy. I am hoping that this will page will help me find my way back to myself and show me how to live authentically.

  • Pouring myself a good glass of red wine and serving it in a beautiful glass (as opposed to the usual crappy chunky don’t-mind-if-it-breaks-cause-it’s-ugly glass)
  • Settling down for the evening, lighting a candle and an incense stick
  • Putting the radio on first thing in the morning
  • Writing and expressing myself with words
  • Being in nature
  • Listening to songs that stir something in me
  • Whiling away time in a good bookstore
  • Drinking a good tall mug of Java, preferably with something sweet. Dark Chocolate works. Or an exceptional muffin. The Vida-e café fulfils all requirements
  • Watering my garden on a summer’s evening after Adam is in bed. With or without a glass of chilled white wine
  • Working in my garden. Visualising, planning and visiting gardening shops
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Hugs and kisses and cuddles from my child
  • Sunday Night Movies
  • Popcorn with too much flavoured salt
  • Gloria Bay
  • Fresh filter coffee in the mornings
  • Doing yoga in the lounge at night when the house is still and quiet
  • “Wild at Heart” by Gloriana makes me ridiculously happy when pumped at full volume in my car. I can literally feel my heart beating faster because it thrills me so much. It’s silly, but I actually get short of breath from the enjoyment!
  • Dancing to music with my son, or as he calls it: “let’s have a party!!”
  • Cooking supper with the music blasting – I jiggle around the kitchen and love it! (Father and son are usually out the house so I pump it up!)
  • Eating supper at the table with music playing in the background
  • When my son says “I love you” and “cuddle with me”
  • Making lunch for myself and Adam. I think I need to explain this one. I don’t especially enjoy making supper (to0 tedious) or breakfast (not awake yet). But for some reason I’ve realised that I love the ritual of making lunch for the two of us. I’ve never made myself lunch before, and I love making it now. It’s easier than supper and more rewarding than cereal. I love making lunch. Wierd.
  • Babies. Babies really lift my spirits. I’ve been cuddling a lot of them lately and I love it (my boss doesn’t love it too much – thinks I should be working – but what does she know!). I love cuddling a baby. Even when they spit up all over my clean black shirt.
  • Eating a salad picked 100% fresh from my garden (including an array of herbs)
  • gooey, overnight soaked, oars, nuts and seeds
  • christmas and all the fun and festivities that go along with it
  • making christmas gifts for people
  • my friends who make me laugh, I really value the ones who see the funny side of anything/everything
  • almonds. I love almonds. Almonds are *gasp* almost better than chocolate
  • truly and honestly being in the present moment
  • My bbm. Yes, seriously.
  • My study/home office/sanctuary


…. being updated all the time

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