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Hello 2009

1 Jan

Howzit 2009. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Although so far we have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start. If those tantrums today were anything to go by, my child doesn’t seem to think much of you either. Good thing I’m not one of those first-impression kind of gals. Otherwise I would have been packing you off to the returns counter already. Mind you, after the kind of shite 2008 threw at me, I am betting that you can only be an improvement.

2009, I would really appreciate it if you could help me along a little this year. I struggled a bit with 2008 – I fumbled around in the dark for too long and ended up in a place I never thought I would ever be. Please be a little stronger for me than 2008 was. I just need a little helping hand every now and then – a pat on the back and an atta-girl every now and again would go down really well.

Instead of a wish list of what I want from our relationship this year, I have put together a visual presentation. I am a little OTT that way. You’ll get used to it. Here is what I expect from you in the next 12 months:


Okay, so I know some of them are a little blah, blah, same-old, same-old. I know I ask to eat healthier, lose weight and get fit every year, but this year I really feel like you could deliver on that front. I am feeling a real connection there. Then there are the other obvious ones. Like: please make me a better photographer so that people actually want to pay me money to take photos. Okay, so they did pay me in 2008, but I was kinda hoping for more cash this year. I put in a few pics of notes and coins and stuff (edited to add: pics are of SA Rands – should I have rather tried my luck with Dollars or Pounds? Just so there’s no confusion: where possible, Pounds would be SO totally better than Rands). Also, if you give me more cash, I swear I will save some of it (see that cute piggy bank??). But you gotta come to the party and give me the cash first okay??

Then, I would really like some time to get around to reading all those books that 2008 gave me. Just some time for reading – that would be cool. Just every now and then – I’m not asking for whole chunks of your time. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable – do you?? There is also a whole lotta stuff about meditation and yoga and beach walks and watching the sunset. Do you think you could find the time to do these things with me? I’d really appreciate the moral support.

Oh, yeah, and the lovey-dovey photos. The white dress and all that. I just put that there ’cause you never ever know? And you gotta be in it to win it. So if I don’t throw it out there, I’m not really giving you a chance to throw it back at me am I? Same goes for the surfer chick. I think I would shit myself if I was ever in front of a wave that size. But a girl’s gotta aim high.

And those divinely neat and ordered shelves? That’s not just my cupboard that I want to look like that. It’s my whole house. That includes the kitchen, my child’s room, the garage and my car. Just so that there is no confusion.

Right, now that I have the groundrules and expectations out of the way, I can say that it has been an honour to know you these past few hours and I look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

Let’s kick butt together!!

Yours sincerely,


Why I can’t stick to New Years Resolutions

3 Jan

I have finally figured it out.

First there’s Christmas (yes, dammit, the Xmas blog is still coming. Hou jou bek). Then there’s New Year. And that’s the way it should be. Our benevolent universe always provides us with a wonderful balance.

Just as you’re getting over Christmas, with all it’s gluttonous, festive excesses, along comes the new year with its flirtatious, let’s-do-it-one-more-time-for-the-hell-of-it cheer. And you go along with the party and the fun and, for one last time, the over-indulgent excesses. Why? Because tomorrow is a new year, a clean slate, and you will be good. and pure. and indulgent free. The universe is truly wise and loving.

Except in my case. For me? … well, let’s just say, the universe tweaked the plan a little. You see, on the 10th day of Christmas, instead of 10 lords-a-leaping, the universe slapped it’s knee and delivered me into my mother’s arms.

While the rest of the world is feeling pious (By the way, Pia means pious… can’t you just hear the universe laughing it’s head off..?) and virtuous because they have begun a new year filled with self-control and decorum… I, gaily and with wild abandon, head on into another festive excess. New Years Resolutions never stood a chance with me. No wonder I never lost weight or became fit. No wonder my house is a disaster zone. I not even sure that I know how to spell organised. Organized?

Champagne and orange juice for breakfast. Cake for brunch. Divine Chardonnay for lunch. Pate and prawn toast to nibble on. The word “nibble” is used with reckless poetic license. More Divine Wine (Starting to lose track of the cultivar…). Some more cake for pudding. Christmas pudding and custard for desert (the cake was just the starter-desert). More wine. I think. And then “leftovers” for supper with more Divine Wine. Think it was red? And not forgetting… more pudding!!!

New Years Resolutions? … (drum roll for diabolical laugh) A-HA-HA-HA!!!

As soon as I can roll off my couch I promise I’ll look for my diary under all the ripped wrapping paper.

Well, tomorrow then.


Here’s to 2008

2 Jan

Well, 2008 is here. It is the year of reckoning for me. I will have to work hard to create a future for myself and my family. I was planning to list all my new years resolutions on my blog site – to encourage me to stick to them. But I am afraid that I may exceed my GB limit in one fell swoop if I was to list them all!

So I did some research. What else am I supposed to do? I have ADSL.

The guidelines are: stick to as few resolutions as possible and try to think of a resolution you have never had before. Those were the two useful tips (along with make them measurable, attainable, write them down, tell someone, blah, blah, blah). I was fast on my way to listing the usual lose-weight-get-fit-keep-the-house-clean-get-out-more-be-a-better-friend commitments. But lets get real – tried all of those many times before with limited success. So I have decided on one resolution and one only. And, dammit I am going to stick to it for the whole year.

I will (for the first time in my entire life) use a daily diary. Not the “dear diary, I-wish so-and-so-liked-me-more-diary”. I mean a daily planner. A daily play-by-play. Complete with lists and action plans. I have NEVER managed to use a diary with any persistent regularity. I try. I really try. But I just can’t get there. So this year I will try to use my Daily Planner Every Day. It will become my new best friend and it will empower me to achieve my goals for this year. It’s going to work this time. I really feel it in my bones.

Well, starting from tomorrow? Or maybe Friday? Who starts a new rule on their birthday? (YAY! Happy Birthday to me!) Well, maybe Monday then??

Here is a summary of my year to date:

1st: No work – public holiday (duh!)
2nd: No work – Adam’s daycare not open. Besides in the Cape it is Tweede Nuwe Jaar and almost a public holiday anyway!! (duh!)
3rd: No work – birthday (duh!)
4th: No work – Dave’s last day off and our last “Adam free day” till who knows when.
5th: No Work – Saturday (duh!)
6th: No Work – Sunday (duh!)

So I am 0-6 to date… ADAM!! Bring mommy her diary!! …NOW… (***voice wobbling in panic***)

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