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14 Feb

I have just realised that it is Javaqueen’s birthday too. All this fuss for Odette and there JQ sits quietly, not saying a word…  And you two share the same birthday on Valentine’s Day, no less. Not surprising you were born on valentine’s day – both so close to my heart.

Happy Birthday Javaqueen!!!


Happiness Is…

14 Feb

The dear, sweet, adorable, talented Little Ms Firefly is celebrating her birthday today. And how absolutely fitting that her birthday is on Valentine’s Day – because she must be one the most adorable people out there.

Happy Birthday Odette – I hope that man of yours spoils you rotten. You deserve it!!

In honour of her birthday, I have taken up her “happiness is…” challenge. Not because I want to win something (although her creations are gorgeous), but because she is simply irresistible. So here goes… My happiness list

  • a good cup of strong coffee, with a little something sweet on the side
  • vineyards. Any time of year. Any season. Any weather. I just love them
  • hearing “maa-mmy” first thing in the morning
  • and hearing “wuv yoooo” in the evening
  • the smell of salty sea air
  • flowers
  • my child’s laughter
  • my camera
  • a rainy day (I love winter), with a good book or a good movie
  • laughing with friends
  • watermelon by the pool
  • watching my child eat ice-cream
  • thunderstorms
  • watering my garden
  • candles

And the list could go on and on. I am sure I will think of 100 more things to add during the day. But that is the beauty of this challenge – you are reminded that it is the small things that count.


13 Feb

I got me an award!! Javaqueen, the everloving sweetheart that she is, gave me this award AGES ago. And I have been a rude little brat and not responded properly.

I’ve been tagged before and never responded. I’ve had some awards that I missed too. Sorry Susie (way back when) and Sleepyjane  (way-hey back when).

I will be better
I will be better
I will be better

I’m still not so sure what to do with these thingys… But I’m gonna pass it on to the following people and let them figure it out…

Caroline – sending you ice cold snowy thoughts honey, hope this heat dies down for you soon!
Sleepyjane – because she is just the smartest, sweetest girl out there and because she deserves it!
Jenty – because she regularly sends me such nice comment love on my photo blog, even when they are just photos of Adam (for the 10th time in a row).
Ronnie – because we miss her and hope she will blog some more 🙂
Wends – just because she is so far away from us all and we like to send love to those who are not close to us 🙂

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