4 Sep

I have been known to put it all out there. Over and over again. Only to regret my words down the line. My blog is littered with posts that were once there but are now hidden.

It’s a funny conundrum. I write it all down to get it all out. But then I duck my head, think it all through and decide that it’s all best left unsaid.

Which is why I really respect those people out there who can lay it all on the line, open the vein and show their bleeding heart to the world. It’s got to do with being brave. And being okay with who you are and saying “to hell with what anyone thinks, this is how I feel and I will not apologise for it”. I wish I could be more honest and not care about the consequences.

Which brings me to Ed Sheeran and “Don’t”. This song was so personal to him that he initially wasn’t going to put it on the album. But I am so glad he did. And the radio version doesn’t do it any justice. You really need to hear the “don’t fuck with my love” version to really get it. Essentially showing the finger to Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan and not caring that the world knows how things went down. Not concerned about the fall out,  he put his heart into a song and made art. Something beautiful that inspires and means something to someone else.

If only I could do the same. And screw the consequences.



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