31 Dec

In the world of pain and heartbreak there are a few words that you hear over & over.

“Give it time”.

“It will get easier”.

These words are never a comfort. And there are times when you wonder if it will ever get easier.

If you’re like me, you find comfort in music & words. You latch onto phrases that give you strength… sometimes without truly believing that they apply to you.

One that I leaned on heavily was this one:


I never really believed this one. But I now realise that everything is actually okay. More than okay.

The other one that I held onto (really really tightly), was this one:


I recently had the chance to re think this. Somehow I never truly believed this one. I hoped for it. I wished for it. But I never really believed it.
In a moment of clarity I realised that someone is  thankful that you let me go. That someone is me.  It was a stunning realisation. I’ve been more than okay for a while now. But I had never thought to add gratitude to the mix.

To you, in a world of pain, I wish I could offer you my perspective. But I can’t. My wish is that one day you will be grateful too. Because you are worth so much more. Until then, I wish you courage and strength and fortitude.

It does get better.



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