Lá Fhéile Pádraig

4 Mar

I may wrong, but St Patrick’s Day is not a huge event in this country – is it?

Historically St Patrick’s Day was a Christian religious holiday celebrated to commemorate Saint Patrick (the most recognised Patron Saint of Ireland), it also celebrated the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. In more recent times, the holiday has taken on a spirit of its own and is more commonly a celebration of the Irish culture.

And, while I don’t think we need any more commercial celebrations added to our calendar, the idea of St Paddy’s day really tickles my fancy. I see nothing wrong with wearing green, feasting, consuming copious amounts of alcohol and wishing ‘The Luck of the Irish’ on our nearest and dearest. Traditionally, you are also allowed to affectionately pinch anyone not wearing green. Of course, this appeals to my nature too!

Over and above these adult “pleasures” the idea of Adam searching for a magical leprechaun hiding in our garden completely speaks to my faith-trust-fairydust nature. Not to mention the fun we would have setting up a leprechaun trap to see if we can find any treasure…

It is probably also a pretty good reason to stop for a bit and remember how lucky and blessed we all are – in big ways and small – with or without little leprechauns visiting our garden.

Yes, I think we shall put in a little effort and celebrate on 17 March.

I scanned the internet for some information on catching a Leprechaun and here’s what I came up with:

  • Leprechauns keep their gold hidden in a pot of gold (usually hidden near the end of a rainbow)
  • Leprechauns are always on the lookout for treasure (you could tempt them with real coins, chocolate coins, stones painted gold…)
  • If you catch one, he may lead you to his treasure in exchange for setting him free
  • But, they are very clever little creatures, so your trap must be well disguised. They will also not fall for the same trap twice so make sure yours is original!
  • Leprechauns are known to be attracted to: the colour green, rainbow decorations, four leaf clovers, green glitter, etc. – so decorate your trap appropriately
  • If a Leprechaun finds the trap overnight, he may leave a trail of green or gold glitter. If you follow this glitter you may find his temporary stash of treasure (chocolate coins)
  • If you make a particularly good trap, you may impress your leprechaun and he may leave some chocolate gold coins and cheeky notes with taunting messages like “Good Try,” or “Can’t Catch Me”!!
  • Of course, if you are lucky enough to manage to trap him, he could lead you to his pot of gold!!

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