Lead with Love

27 Feb

Every now and then I am challenged to follow through on my mantra of  “love, grace, gratitude”. It is as if  life says to me me – hey you you over there… the paris-day-dreaming-girl – let’s see if you can approach *this* situation with love, grace and gratitude. Then life goes ahead and throws me a curve ball that has me saying “oh, hell no! Screw love, grace, gratitude and all that shit. It does NOT apply in this situation.”

A lot of the time the “oh, hell NO” part of me wins the debate – because let’s face it, I’m not a saintly do-gooder every second of the day. But every now and then I remember to lead with love and I am learning that it is always the right decision. No matter what the situation. No matter how impossible it may seem. No matter how many popular opinions may suggest that a free pass is in order.



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