Christmas Grateful List: Day 1

2 Dec

I have so much to be grateful for. And while christmas is the season of giving and receiving, I want to take some time to acknowledge some things that I am grateful for.

The idea is that there will be 24 days – one for each day until christmas – where I pause and give thanks for the things in my life.

My first thanks is for the wonderful school that my son has the privilege to attend. There are so many things about this school that I am grateful for. From the strong sense of community that comes from a small school, to the care and attention of every single staff member. The cheerful guys who efficiently control the traffic at the gates. The care given by the wonderful assistants in each class. Our precious teachers. Our fantastic headmaster.

Everything is undertaken with special care and attention.

The Christmas tree at the entrance symbolises the spirit of the school for me. It is not decorated with tinsel and shiny balls. It is decorated with pictures coloured in and hung by the children themselves. Each picture has a wish, prayer or blessing written by each family on the back . To me the tree symbolises the love and goodwill of the school itself.

The teachers never cease to amaze me in their desire to go the extra mile for their children. This week they arranged a christmas party for the children (as they do every year). The parents don’t contribute anything – it is all the teachers and staff. The children arrive in the morning with the classroom windows papered up and the classrooms decorated on the inside. Each child gets a special party pack from their teacher. And there is a notice for everyone to explain it all… (excerpts from the top and bottom).

A wonderful school, a wonderful community and I am so grateful that we get to be a part of it.


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