Forgotten Things

2 Jun

I was clearing out my computer this morning and found a few images that I had either made or saved with the intention of posting here. But then, for whatever reason, I ended up not posting them.

So here they are, all in one wallop.

Firstly, in my Adele days I was obsessed with “Set Fire to the Rain” and I was planning to do a blog about it. I searched far and wide for the right image that would do the song justice. I finally found it on Deviantart by TheEchoDragon. I am in love with this image. I love the concept of standing in a swirling storm and being able to purge it all – by standing strong in the midst of it and setting fire to the rain. That’s me there in the picture and I love how that image makes me feel.

More feathers. All letting me know that I am on the right path. That I am protected and loved. This one was snuggled next to some reeds and I found it when I dropped my keys, I think. Just this weekend, I took a log to throw on the fire, and there – on the wood – was a feather.

I may or may not have posted this one. The memory is foggy these days. Expect the best from the universe. Always. This has proved true for me again, and again, and again. Too pretty not to post.

I must have done this collage AGES ago, although why I didn’t post it, I can’t fathom. If I could bestow one gift on every one of my blog readers, it would be the power to “let it go”. Because everything really is okay in the end. Let go of fear. Let go of resistance. Let go of the hope that things could be different. Let go of all your expectations and you will realise what is most important. Life is beautiful.


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