Winter Arrives

29 May

All work and no play, makes this blog very, very dull.

I’m sitting here in Gloria Bay, wind howling and rattling. But the fire is blazing and the wine is flowing. Life is cozy and warm.

I have (finally) managed to charge my camera battery (thanks Paul) and had a fine time re-aquainting myself with my favouite toy! There is nothing like a trip to the country to make you feel connected to nature. And today I felt really connected.

Winter means… Oranges!

… and lemons!

… bare trees…

… & orange leaves…

And this shot – nothing to do with winter – but I loved their delicate beauty in the soft winter light!

p.s. Dave ran his second Comrades Marathon today… the mind boggles. We are very proud of him!


One Response to “Winter Arrives”

  1. Cazpi May 29, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    O my oath – you get better and better! Perhaps I need to lose my charger for a while 🙂 Bit bleak I wasn’t the charger-er person – but SOOOOOOOOOOOO chuffed you playing again! I have missed your awesome take on the world! ps: 1. go Dave; 2. Dave is nutty right? 😛

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