Easter Updates

21 Apr
  • Once again, I find myself posting from my phone. Curled up and comfy, I love how easy it is to do this!
  • I have lost the charger to my camera *sob*, hence the lack of photos. Anyone got a spare for me? (Susie, I’m squinting at you)
  • I love Adele. I have been mulling over how to write a post with “I set fire to the rain” as my title. I love the image of setting fire to the rain.
  • My child is beyond excited about Easter. We have lengthy discussions about the Easter Bunny. How he will find us. Whether we should leave him a note. What we should give grown ups who don’t get eggs from the bunny. My child makes my life magical everyday.
  • My son says he is going to marry me one day. When he is 49. This pleases me on two levels: not only will I have no daughter-in-law stealing my son’s affection, but should he decide to marry someone one day, 49 is far enough away for me to come to terms with it.
  • I am SO looking forward to the Royal Wedding next week. Planning to have champagne, Eaton Mess, Scones and cucumber sandwiches. I am such a sap.
  • According to my son, “Good Friday” is a silly name for a day on which Jesus died. In his opinion, “Sad Friday” would be a better name.


2 Responses to “Easter Updates”

  1. pinkyspages April 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    Adam is adorable! … love the ‘Sad Friday’ reference…
    Happy Easter!
    My hubby makes fun about my sappiness for the Royal Wedding… I will be on my couch, Pimms on hand & watching at leisure 😉 … Enjoy!

  2. Fiona April 26, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    He is a very cute and adorable easter bunny…I too love Adele her voice gives me gooseflesh and that is when I buy an artists CD. You have given me an idea for the Royal Wedding. I am doing a “Tea” here too. Cucumber sandwiches, egg and cress and smoked salmon and cream cheese but I was stumped for a dessert as I really really want to keep it easy so that everyone can just help themselves. Soooooo exciting hey? Enjoy the wedding Pia xxx

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