Yo Ho Ho and a Pirate’s Life for me!!

20 Dec

When Adam found out he was going on a REAL Pirate Ship for a friend’s party, the excitement levels went off the charts. We went on the Jolly Roger and what fun for little boys (and some pirate lassies too). Unfortunately, this (crappy) phone photo is the only picture I have of him in full outfit (as most of the accessories were discarded as soon as possible)!

The on-board pirates did a good job of entertaining the kids.. There were tattoos for all, face painting (or, for my son, tummy painting), mock sword fights, rope swinging, treasure hunt for gold coins, story by pirate with real props (real sword, real treasure map…).

Monkey even had a chance to sit in the Captain’s chair!

And then it was ready to set sail…

I adore this shot of the Waterfront… the boats, Quay Four, the South African Flags, the wheel, and of course, the stadium in the background!

We had great fun trying to imprison Daddy and cut his head off!

The boat even had cannons!!!


One Response to “Yo Ho Ho and a Pirate’s Life for me!!”

  1. Fiona December 28, 2010 at 7:24 pm #

    I am in love with this little pirate ship…I want to go on it too. I am looking after an apartment in Clifton, so the other day I just took my sandwich and iced tea and sat on the balcony for half an hour to air the place before people arrived. The little bay was empty…until suddenly the little Jolly Roger sailed in, well I was so excited I felt like I was in that movie The Goonies…have you ever watched that, if not please do so it is so exciting and enchanting. Adam must have had a ball on the boat, you can just see it in his face. Glad you had such a magical Xmas. Love Fiona xxx

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