It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

3 Dec

*** i love christmas ***

My house has been fully christmasified. But there is room for more (Adam and I will be busy!). We have the tunz playing. 22 days to go… and the feva is a-mounting.

I had a brief moment of sadness yesterday,  a melancholy for all that “is, was and won’t be”, but today I am back on the fabulous. Thoroughly grateful to the people who choose to be in my life and who love me for who I really am. Out of the blue this year I have made two very special friends – you know who you are – thank you for your constant kindness and love. I feel very blessed to have met you. Today I am grateful for my friends (old and new) and my small but perfect family.  

My tree is decorated and it has become something of a symbol of my “grown-up” life. It started off, years ago, being very plain and chic but, over the years, it has developed more charm and character. There is still a bit of colour co-ordination and “chicness” going on, but there are also more and more little nooks and crannies with interesting surprises. Aunty Ronnie started it all off years ago when she bought Adam a special decoration with his name on it. And every year we add a few special decorations that mean something to us. Little pockets of beauty that you will only see when you look closely (and sometimes only understood by us). This year I have added some more special decorations (the ones that add the charm and character) and more and more, our tree is starting to take on a history and story of its own.

This week I was finishing up the newsletter for work and was looking for the perfect quote to finish it all off. I looked and looked and looked… and then finally the perfect one found its way to me. For me, this sums up what Christmas is all about.


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