Joy Bubble

3 Nov

I have a painful secret… one I’m going to share with you right now…

Here it is: I have some shocking taste in music. It’s true. One of my favourite songs of the year? Usher – OMG. Loved it from the first moment I heard it. Still do, it’s my song of the year by a mile. Of course I love Train and Snow Patrol and John Mayer and (insert politically correct band here). Goes without saying.

But then – here’s the kicker – there’s The Zac Brown Band. More Pure American Country, you will not find. I love them as  much as I  love B.o.B. and Bruno Mars. And lordy, they put me in a good mood every single time I hear them. I dare anyone to listen to “Toes” and not be somewhat charmed.

One of their songs has the lyrics “Don’t let this moment pass, live inside this day”.  And that, folks, is what it is all about. Today I walked barefoot in my veggie garden. Today we pulled and ate a carrot fresh from the ground. 100% organic. Zero Carbon Footprint.  Today I drank delicious filter coffee. Today I connected with my friends. I revelled in choosing sparkly decorations for my son’s school and I mixed myself a tall glass of chocolate milk. Tonight the air is cool and building up for some rain. In the words of  The Zac Brown Band “Life is good today”.


One Response to “Joy Bubble”

  1. Cazpi November 4, 2010 at 6:22 am #

    hahaha funny chicky 🙂

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