1 Nov

Oh, did we have fun this Halloween!!

After a few glitches (my son wanting to dress up as a fairy) … (my son’s extreme disapproval of my ghoulish makeup and black nail polish. Especially the black nail polish), we were good to go!!

Adam was a little apprehensive at the first house, but got a great reception (helps when you have lovely neighbours), then, as soon as he discovered people were GIVING him SWEETS, he was on full throttle excitement!

There were plenty of kids running around and we got the scoop from them on what houses were dishing out sweets. I enjoyed prancing around in my witch outfit, although some little brat asked me to take off my mask so he could look at it… *snotklap*.. Here is my death-knight testing out my broom!!

The Death-Knight and Daddy cruising the streets, scoping the neighbourhood for treats.

His little orange pumpkin was filled to overflowing by the time we were done!

And look at the stash!!!!!! I was totally impressed with the spirit of the people in the complex! (this is only about half of it).

The Death-Knight was particularly pleased with his bag of blood and took great delight in “painting” his mouth with “blood”. The stuff was sickly sweet and, after all the sugar, he was bouncing around on a massive sugar high. After all the excitement and sugar, needless to say, bed time was a little tricky!


One Response to “Halloween!”

  1. Cazpi November 1, 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    hahahaha poor Fairy/Knight. Looks like he had a ball!! You really should have smacked the brat [mask brat]. smh – other people’s kids huh!

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