11 Jun

Mzanzi for shorrrre!!!

Can you feel it?!! For the rest of my life I will remember waking up on 11 June 2010 to the sound of vuvuzelas blaring. What an incredible way to start the day!

It is here!!! A nation united. For real. I have never felt such a fever pitch of excitement in my life. The Rugby World Cup Final is the only thing that comes close.

We blew our vuvuzela too (check out the vein popping in the neck)!

Shapa Bafana Bafana Shapa!! South Africa is ROCKING!

It is time! It is Africa’s time!

Hola Bafana Bafana Hola!

Show dem South Africa Show Dem. Today we make the Circle Beega!!!!


One Response to “WAKA WAKA!”

  1. sandra@lorea.co.za June 12, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

    Pia, what happened to the post where you published an article by a , I think, Peter Davies? I thought it was great. What scared you off? I told Caroline to read it and she couldn’t find it. What happened? I made a decision a while ago not to comment on your posts. You and I know why, but I always read your posts because I think they are worthwhile.
    SO! What happened to that article that you published? You know the one I mean.
    Blogs should be honest and truthful. We should not be scared off by people who think they are better!
    Please put it up again. It was good, it was honest and from the heart. Whether it was true or not is up to the reader to decide.
    You may not be the censor!

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