Wednesday’s Joy Bubble

9 Jun

What is joy? To me, joy is that moment when your heart sings or bursts with happiness. It is a moment of happiness that is brief and pure and essential. For me, happiness is more of a general state of wellbeing while joy is a sharper flare of conscious, concentrated happiness. If happiness is a lake, then joy is the splash a pebble makes before it leaves ripples of pleasure in its wake.  

The trick to happiness is figuring out that the more you learn to recognise moments of joy in your life, the happier you will be. You’ve got to find and treasure as many of those pebbles as you can, you’ve got to revel in the splash of joy that they bring and the ripples of happiness will take care of themselves.

And the real secret is that you are already walking on a bed of pebbles, all you have to do is notice them and pick them up. It begins with you.

My pebbles come in a million different forms – the smell of coffee in the morning, glitter on my carpet, freshly washed linen, vuvuzelas and the sight of hundreds of South African flags flying from car windows.


One Response to “Wednesday’s Joy Bubble”

  1. caroline June 9, 2010 at 11:46 am #

    “If happiness is a lake, then joy is the splash a pebble makes before it leaves ripples of pleasure in its wake. ” – beautifully expressed!

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