Blah, Blah, Blah

8 Jun

Gawd, where does the time go? If I could catch up with the bugger, maybe I could nail it down and make it stop for a few days…

But, no matter what I do… there goes time.

So, with a serious lack of time, here are the spark notes:

  1. School breaks up tomorrow. But Adam is signed up for Holiday fun 3 days a week, so I don’t need to panic just yet. Anyone what to come and play?
  2. My carpet looks like a drag queen’s dressing room. Glitter and sparkles as far as the eye can see. Rain, rain, please go away, my child needs to run outside and play. Mommy has had enough of “craft time”.
  3. Yes, I will answer the 6 names e-mail. Sometime before Christmas. Promise.
  4. Yes, I will read all the blogs and comment when I do. Sometime before Christmas. Promise.
  5. I am a shitty friend. Please forgive me. Anyone want to come and play?
  6. My child is developing football-feva. He has the hat. He has, count them, two green and gold shirts and as well as an England jacket. He has a flag. He has the South African mini-football. He has the vuvuzela (apologies to the neighbours). Bring.It.On. We are ready.
  7. I haven’t even looked at the hundreds of photos still sitting on my camera waiting to be downloaded and edited. I don’t have the time, but it’s all I want to do.

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