Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

18 May

Firstly (faith part of the post), Happy Birthday to Susie, I hope you enjoyed the warm weather we all conjured up for you!! My birthday wish for you is… have faith and believe! 🙂

Secondly (pixie dust part), as a result of the peculiar warm day yesterday, my child was a little overheated in his vest and sweater at school. Unfortunately, like his parents, my child tends to perspire a little more than others. Yesterday, referring to his damp brow, he exclaimed “Mommy! My brain is melting”.

Then (trust part), I had an ((((interesting)))) dream last night. The beauty of some dreams is that they feel so real, so when you wake up, the lessons or learning stay with you as if they were a real experience. The whole dream got me thinking about trust and how important and valuable it is as a quality in people. The people I value most in my life are the people I can trust unreservedly. And I think that goes for most (if not all) people. I think, when it comes to relationships, trust is one of the most common characteristics of any long-term friendship or relationship. I have realised that, at all costs, trust is the one quality to nurture above all others. Because, once trust is broken, it can take forever to repair. There have been a few relationships that I have lost over time because my trust in the other person has been irreparably broken. And, unfortunately, a few relationships that I have (sometimes irreparably) damaged because I broke someone else’s trust. Hopefully one day I can heal those relationships.

This pretty much sums it up for me:

And then, for those who take life a little less seriously, this also hits the nail on the head… 🙂   

And finally, for all of those out there who are holding back, afraid or whose trust has been broken… “trust life”…


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