Don’t Touch Me On My STUDIO!!!

14 Apr

For those of you who haven’t seen AWB secretary-general Andre Visagie losing it on National TV… this is hysterical. You’ve gotta love the small minority of South Africans who take themselves this seriously. If it wasn’t for people like Mr Visagie acting out on Etv where would the rest of us (sane, level-headed South Africans) find our sources of mirth and merriment!? Who said free-tv in South Africa wasn’t providing good quality entertainment!?

(the real fun starts about 60 seconds into the clip and the actual incident is in English)

he, he, he… “thank-you, baaaiii”… “you won’t dare interrupting me” … (you gotta love it)

I guarantee “touch me on my studio” is going to become one of those South African lines. Inside humour that only South Africans understand. I can see it now:  Someone will shove infront of a South African somewhere in the world and the Saffa is going to turn around and tune them “HEY! You touchin’ me on my studio?!”. It’s going to be as revolutionary as “make the circle beega”. They should combine the two. Oh wait, someone already did…

Here’s to the rest of us who only see South Africans and don’t think with an “us vs. them” mentality. We’ll “show dem” … make that circle beega!!!


One Response to “Don’t Touch Me On My STUDIO!!!”

  1. Wends April 17, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

    oh lordy. thank you for that K and I laughed and laughed. I would never have known. what a complete &*%$. (insert appropriate word.
    but you know what I love most about South africa and south africans. They make a funny song.. aahh our culture is just so great. I miss it so

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