Feedback:: Earth Hour 2010

5 Apr

Thank you for switching off!

Dear WWF Supporter
Earth Hour 2010 was a huge success! Thank you so much for your support.
This year a record 126 countries participated, with hundreds of millions of people in over 4 000 cities and towns taking part in delivering a powerful message of hope for a better, healthier planet.
Famous landmarks such as the Eiffel in Paris, the Big Ben in London, the Pyramids in Egypt and the Victoria Falls went dark. On home ground Table Mountain and the Green Point stadium in Cape Town switched off along with the Moses Mahdiba stadium in Durban and the Vodacom Tower in Johannesburg.
Based on the reduced electricity consumption during Earth Hour, ESKOM estimates that the equivalent of 1 million South African households participated. Consequently, we estimate that between 1 and 4 million South Africans participated in the event!
Earth Hour is so much more than just switching off your lights for sixty minutes. It has become the biggest mass movement of our time. This year we have urged people and companies to also pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Watch this space for the best tips on how to change your lifestyle to a planet-friendly one.
TIP: Always shut down your computer overnight. Leaving on a computer monitor overnight wastes enough energy to laser print 800 A4 pages!
Together we can make a real difference.
For a living planet
The WWF team


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