Supporter’s Club 101

4 Apr

As much as I love that Adam bops along to Train and Soul Patrol with me, I think it is important that he also understands what is important to his father.

With that in mind, today was all about “Daddy’s Race”. We set off early (far too early, if you ask me) this morning to try and give Dave some moral support during his first Ultra Marathon.

I must admit, there were a few times during the day when I seriously doubted my sanity. Most notably while standing at Constantia Neck, freezing cold, getting soaked to the bone in a flash downpour while simultaneously trying to keep my child (somewhat) dry and under control, while also trying to keep my camera dry, trying keep my glasses from fogging over every 10 seconds, while trying to find a place for my child to wee, all the while trying to keep my eyes on the runners so as not to miss the one we wanted to see (those blighters run bloody fast considering they had already run 40+km)…

Anyway, we spotted him and he was delighted to see Adam. I think he was past finished and needed his boy to give him the extra edge to finish the last 10km.

We then raced back to UCT so that we could see him cross the finish line. Adam was most concerned about this aspect (probably because he ran it yesterday so he understood what the finish line was all about).

He finished in 5h47 – which I think is pretty impressive. Apparently he was in serious pain from 18km. That means he ran for almost 40km in constant pain. I guess it really is all in the mind, I’m pretty sure I would have given up if I was in as much pain with 40km still to go.

The home stretch (don’t you just love the UCT buildings?):

The two champs (you can see the exhaustion/pain in his face):

Notes to self for next year:

  • pack sunscreen and hat
  • pack rain coat and umbrella
  • pack 16 juices and an endless array of sweets (read: bribes) to keep child occupied
  • pack hiking boots for hiking up to Constantia Neck in mile long congested traffic
  • put child on some sort of wheels so that he can be dragged along with some legitimacy
  • pack gumboots for standing in mud while waiting for runner
  • Do it all again – it was worth it!


Proud little boy showing off Daddy’s medal:


One Response to “Supporter’s Club 101”

  1. Pop April 4, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    Well done to David for his perseverence and to Pia for her tenacity. Makes me tired just to think about it all. Lovely photos as well.

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