29 Mar

I have to tell you about the Taste of Cape Town Food Festival. I tell you, so that if you know about it, you can make a mental note to go next year.

On the spur of the moment some friends and I piled into my car and headed off for the festival. Despite getting somewhat lost taking a more interesting route, we eventually found our way there and had an absolutely wonderful time. With the mountain as our backdrop (oh, where was my camera?) we sampled our way through some amazing taste sensations.

Each restaurant had a selection of 3-4 signature dishes you could choose from. And there were some amazing restaurants to choose from. Amongst others, there was Maze, The Cape Colony, Jardine, Nobu, Reubens, La Quatier Francais, Ginja, The GreenHouse and Grand Provance. You have to choose your dishes well because you fill up quickly and there are so many options you don’t want to miss.

All the meals were freshly cooked by the chefs as you ordered it and presented as beautifully as it would be in the restaurant (except for the disposable plates!).

Half way through we took a break and relaxed with an exotic cocktail. I’ve never had it (or heard of it) before and the barman spent a long time explaining the origin to us. I couldn’t tell you what it was, I think it comes from South America. But it had limes and was Mojito-ish, only better.

There was also plenty of good wine farms there so you could sample some great wine along with your good food. Oh, why did I have to drive?!

After our alcohol infusion, we went back for desserts. Chocolate (nutella praline) filled pancakes. Cheesecake. Frozen ‘Lemon Meringue’ mousse with pinenut praline. Liquid Nitrogen vanilla ice cream, strawberries and chocolate. Chocolate calzone with white chocolate vodka shot. White chocolate berry fool. And More.

My advice for next year: Grab a designated driver. Go early and stay late.


One Response to “Taste”

  1. iluvgreen March 31, 2010 at 2:50 am #

    i love the new look of your blog..

    bonding with friends are one of my happiest moments it uplift my spirit.

    hello to adam..

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