The Wonderful Worldwide Web

16 Mar

One of the pleasures of having a WordPress blog is being able to track who is visiting your blog and from whence they come. The “Blog Stats” give you a fairly decent idea of who is reading what…

Now, before I continue, go ahead and look at my visitor count (bottom left)… go on… I’ll wait…

Impressive number …possibly…?

NO! The sad truth is that over 1000 (1142, but who’s counting…) of that number are people who have arrived at my blog after searching for…

Not “Pia’s Portal”, not “scintillating reading”, not “lifestyles of the poor and lonely”, no… people come to my blog for…

((((trumpet sound))))

Broken Laptops. I kid you not. 1142 people have visited my blog for help with their broken laptop. Or some variation thereof.

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Interestingly, “bad laptop” is a common search term. Not broken… not faulty, but BAD. As in “bad laptop” (insert waving index finger)??. Do these laptops need a spanking or is it a more serious problem? I’d love to know…

Some other interesting terms that have sent people to my blog:

  • pia needs, “pia needs”, \”pia needs\”, pia “needs” –  Just what I need is anyone’s guess, but I sure don’t have the answer?! If anyone found a real website with this info, please let me know. If I knew what I needed, my life would be a lot simpler.
  • sagging nappy – eh? I have no idea what to do with sagging nappies? Try a smaller size? Just a guess… but maybe you should change it?!
  • congratulations on your five year job – what frikken 5 year job? I sure could do with a 5 year job!
  • portal de pias – this one I rather like  🙂  I would officially like to welcome all my Spanish? French? Italian? readers…
  • comparisons between perfume by patrick – … perfume? When have I ever mentioned perfume. And who the hell is patrick? And why would he want to compare perfume?
  • need courage to get tested – this one is bizarre. I mean, I’m all for safe sex and knowing your HIV status and all that, but I’ve never actually mentioned it on this blog. But, if you need courage to get tested, let me know – I’ll be as supportive as I can?!
  • fly the flag of south africa – yes, okay… ? Are you looking for information on how to fly it. Where to fly it. When to fly it. Why to fly it? The only piece of information I have on this topic is that the red part goes at the top. Black bit on the left. And that’s all I know. Sorry.
  • “when i get lonely these days, i think” – is this “I think therefore I am lonely”  or “I am lonely therefore I think”. Ponderous. And… If I start to think about it will that make me lonely? Or is it because I’m lonely that I’m thinking about it?

2 Responses to “The Wonderful Worldwide Web”

  1. Nanee March 17, 2010 at 8:50 am #

    Hee Hee Hee – a very funny blog – got my day off to the right start xxx

  2. sandra green March 17, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    Loved this post. Really had me smiling!

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