Move Over Lance…

14 Mar

We took Adam to take part in the Cape Argus/Pick ‘n Pay Tricycle Tour on Saturday Morning. I don’t know who had more fun – him or me!!

We met up with his friend Luke from school, and the two boys had such fun together! From their mutual fascination with the train rides to the excitement of the actual race itself!

Apologies for all the photos, but my camera was in full swing!

High Fives (or is it low-fives?) for the Clown. (The funniest part of the photo is the expression on the face of the kid behind in green…)

The two little monkeys on the train

The two bikes, decked out in their “bling” (flags, stars and handle bar tassels)

My little boy – so delighted to have his friend there…

At the starting line

Deep in conversation

Pep talk from Daddy…

Ready to go

Speed Demons… Well, not quite, poor Luke had to keep on stopping to wait for us. Then, half way through, my child decided he had had enough… Luckily we managed to convince him to get back on the bike for the home stretch.

Finish Line!!

Doing what his Dad does in races… waving to the fans 🙂

And he got a goodie bag, with snacks and toys. And a medal, DUDE!!


One Response to “Move Over Lance…”

  1. Wends March 15, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    how lovely this day looked. How great that Adam can ride so well. we are STILL pedalling backwards at our house. Love the photo of him looking up all sweet and butter would not melt ( you know the one) and the one of him waving to his fans LOL

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