My A – Z

12 Mar

– Available: depends who’s asking  🙂
– Age: 34
– Annoyance: Don’t need to go into that now
– Animal: cats. Any kind. Wild ones, tame ones. Any Kind

– Beer: uggh. No thanks
– Birthday/Birthplace: Jan 3rd – Benoni!!
– Body Part on opposite sex: bicepticles
– Best feeling in the world: 🙂
– Blind or Deaf: Deaf
– Best weather: All weather!! There was a time I would say rain, but I’ve really loved summer this year
– Been in Love: Yes. But as Tina would say “what’s love but a second hand emotion”…
– Been on stage?: On radio, yes. On stage, nope.
– Believe in yourself?: we’re getting there
– Believe in life on other planets: I think it must be possible
– Believe in miracles: For Sure
– Believe in Magic: Yes. But not the Hocus Pocus kind
– Believe in God: Or something like that

– Car: Pergeot, wishing for a mini
– Candy: Woolies Chuckles
– Color: Green at the moment
– Cried in school: No, I don’t think so
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Straciatella
– Country to visit: EVERYWHERE.

– Day or Night: Night.
– Danced: if you can call it dancing…
– Dance in the rain?: not yet…
– Do the splits?: When I was 7

– Eggs: unfertilized
– Eyes: the window to the soul.
– Everyone has: secrets

– First crush: I’m NOT telling.  
– First thoughts waking up: “I can’t believe it” yeah, still having those thoughts.
– Food: eat to live, don’t live to eat
– Greatest Fear: Not being good enough
– Giver or taker: depends who you ask… I think I give too much.
– Goals: Oh, plenty…
– Get along with your parents?: yes

– Hair Colour: Brown
– Height: 5’10” (I think), wish I was shorter
– Happy: on the up and up
– How do you want to die: peacefully
– Health freak?: hell no. But I should be
– Hate: Sometimes, but then I think of something else.

– Ice Cream: chocolate, toffee, fudge etc etc
– Instrument: wish I could play the piano like my Granny

– Jewelry: yes please.
– Job: I enjoy my mornings and get paid for it. Not very much. But I’m working on that self worth…

– Kids: my anchor
– Kickboxing or karate: which one delivers more pain… kick boxing, I think…
– Keep a journal?: Does a blog count?

– Love: Hurts
– Laughed so hard you cried: yes.
– Love at first sight: Someone else’s fiction

– Mooned anyone?: No. Known plenty of people who have…
– Marriage: Very bad idea. Or very good idea. Depends on the two people.
– Motion sickness?: Yes. Car sickness and dizzy…

– Number of Siblings: None
– Number of Piercings: Two

– One wish: If I say it out loud, it won’t come true.

– Place you’d like to live: Paris.
– Perfect Pizza: Mushrooms.
– Pepsi/Coke: Coke zero

– Questionaires: pass the time while your child sleeps…

– Reason to cry: mmmmmm… next question please…
– Reality T.V.: my mom’s favourite
– Roll your tongue in a circle: Yes. (@ Caroline na, na, na, na, na, naaaa)

– Song: Did Ya Think – The Veronicas; Moving on Up – M People;
– Shoe size: 7
– Slept outside: I think so…
– Seen a dead body? No
– Smoked?: Tried once or twice and hated it
– Skinny dipped?:      🙂
– Shower daily?: Yep
– Sing well?: Cat’s Choir
– In the shower?: Yes, please
– Swear?: unfortunately
– Stuffed Animals?: are adorable
– Single/Group dates: umm, single?
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries….
– Scientists need to invent: a fuel that is free to produce and environmentally friendly.

– Time for bed: should be earlier than it is
– Thunderstorms: love, love, love
– TV: okay
– Touch your tongue to your nose: not a chance

– Unpredictable: my moods

– Vegetable you hate: they’re all okay, hate is a strong word, I love my veggies.
– Vegetable you love: most of them
– Vacation spot: In the country or the beach

– Weakness: procrastination
– When you grow up: You have responsibilities
– Worst feeling: Feeling inadequate
– Wanted to be a model?: ha ha HA HA ho ho ho he he HAHA (this is the part where I laugh till I cry)
– Where do we go when we die: I don’t know for sure
– Worst weather: Humidity

-X-Rays: kinda cool

-Year it is now: 2010
– Yellow: is a happy colour

– Zoo animal: Don’t like Zoos too much…
– Zodiac sign: Capricorn


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