I am Lioness – Hear Me Roar

11 Sep

horizon greets the sun’s decline

day slips to night – rhythm divine

evening lights a lioness proud

above her cub her head is bowed

perched upon a hill so high

she casts about her watchful eye

the shadows draw closer, closing in

the scars still raw upon her skin

worn and weary from battles fought

her baby nestles without a thought

sheltered safe near his mother’s heart

for in her wars he plays no part

her wounds twitch as night draws near

and she waits for her fear to disappear,

but from this day her spirit is battered

her will is broken, confidence shattered

ever watchful and on the alert

her anger grows, begins to assert

the pain grows stronger

her aches linger longer

the injuries that twitched now tremble inside her

and her claws flex out so eager to transfer

all her anger and fury and inner rage

to anyone near her who dares to wage

she growls at the twilight

and roars at the wind

but as quickly as the storm

had soared and swirled

it calmed itself down

power exhausted

strength depleted

behind her claws and roar she may hide

but bruised and broken she remains inside


2 Responses to “I am Lioness – Hear Me Roar”

  1. JavaQueen September 12, 2008 at 11:51 am #

    Amazing. I love it. You are a remarkable woman Pia. I’d like to print and frame this- it’s just so, MOTHERLY and true. Ugh, love it! *Tearing up*

  2. Caroline September 12, 2008 at 12:55 pm #

    Beautiful xxx

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