Will the Real Pia Please stand up… please stand up… please stand up…

17 Jun

Apologies in advance – this is one of those rambling, self-indulgent posts everyone hates to read.

I am feeling uninspired. Again. I have been spending far too much time downloading music for itunes. My gigabytes are once again taking strain. I have been doing an 80’s retrospective and am slightly amused, surprised, shocked and nostalgic about my teenage music tastes. I may share a bit later in the week. Or not. It is a little embarrassing.

Moving swiftly on.

All this retrospective-ness has made me a little introspective. I always wished that I was one of those people who always knew what they wanted to do with their life. I wish that I had known since I was three that I wanted to be a doctor. Or a lawyer. Or a cross-dressing opera singer.

From as far back as I can remember I have loved the following things: Music. Buildings. Writing. Colours & Shapes. And when I say “as far back as I can remember”, I really mean as far back as I can remember. Okay, so with writing I had to learn to write first. But I’ve always loved words.

Looking back I have realised that these things have always followed me, but that I have never credited them with being defining aspects of my personality. Everyone loves music don’t they? Ditto for colours and shapes. Most people love writing – many believe that they will one day write a book. Same for architecture, (although, I suspect my visceral reaction to building sites and building plans may be a little unusual). I always thought that everybody loved these things. So I never gave them credit. Because, here is the kicker… I also love numbers and sums. And I KNOW not everyone loves them. So I always assumed that was my calling. It is a cloak I always wore. I am still trying to shake it off. It’s Damn Heavy.

Deep down I still believe that I should be doing something with numbers. Because I don’t really credit myself with having any special skills that will allow me to do the “other” things. And heaven knows, I have given all the other things a try at some point in my life. I’ve tried the architecture thing, but got too wrapped up in the music thing to do it any justice. (Those who know me are nodding their heads right now… but for the rest of you who are going “huh?”… I studied architecture but ended up being a DJ and newsreader at the radio station instead). But then I put music in a box and tried to forget about it for a while. Along with the Architecture.

And then I lost my way a for little bit. But I am slowly clawing my way back.

I would like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life doing the things I love. But here is the conundrum: What do I love more? Music, Architecture, Writing, Photography or Photoshop. If I knew the answer, I believe I would be able to solve the world’s problems.

So where am I going with all this? I’m not really sure. But photography seems to be helping me find my way back to myself. It is leading me back to the shapes and the colours that I have always loved. Architecture wasn’t for me. I hated the thought of destroying something to create something “new” in its place. I love architecture and its spaces, but I am not an architect. The radio also wasn’t meant for me. I love the music, but at the end of the day, I’m not much of a talker.

I know I am on my way to somewhere, but who knows where I’ll end up.

This whole post started when, after my class today, I went to take the photograph that I have been dying to take for the past few weeks. The last time I drove past the stadium I nearly had an accident when I noticed the structure for the first time (it is much more impressive in real life). What is it with me and construction? Give me the smell of concrete and beautiful structural elements and I go all funny inside.

But I digress. Back to the photography. I love photography because it allows me to capture the beauty of what is. (Unlike architecture, which to me, is the beauty of what could be).

And call me strange, but I thought this was beautiful. Those concrete arms arching upwards out of the ground. It looks like it is rising out of the ground on its own. I thought it was breathtaking. But then, I am a little strange.

for those that don’t know… this is the Green Point Stadium being rebuilt for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Here is is from a distance – rising out of nowhere.


3 Responses to “Will the Real Pia Please stand up… please stand up… please stand up…”

  1. People of South Africa June 19, 2008 at 1:45 am #

    wow. those pics of the stadium are AMAZING. looking forward to many more!

  2. ms firefly June 22, 2008 at 4:52 pm #

    your photographs are very beautiful and passionate. so nice to see another world through your eyes.

    thank you for the beautiful message you left on my blog, i really appreciate it! 🙂

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