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22 May

I have added a new set of links on the left side of my blog.

I have become somewhat of a blog addict of late. It used to be just a few blogs of friends – people I actually know. Now it has evolved into an obsession interest in the seeming mundane lives of others. Dave tells me that I should live my own life and not be so involved interested in the lives of people I don’t know. The problem is, I have been reading these blogs for a while now, so I kinda feel like I know these people.

Here is a quick rundown of the blogs I stalk:

First and foremost is Pioneer Woman. She is top of the list because she is my favourite blog. Ever. Susie once told me about her blog and I kinda forgot about it (sorry Susie…). Then one day I stumbled across her when surfing for Photoshop info. I have divided her blog into 3 sections (confessions, photography & cooking) because they are each worthy blogs in their own right.

Let me just say that this woman is living my life. I want Marlboro Man. I want Punks. I want horses and dogs and her ranch. I want her kitchen. Last but not least, I want her photographic equipment. I am sure that she is a splinter of my personality living halfway across the world. Only problem is, thousands of other people think so too. I have seen over 6000 comments to one post. (And I am thrilled when I get ONE comment!!). This woman is talented and down to earth and she gives you real glimpses into her life. For a real treat, start reading her story “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story” (here’s the link to all the chapters) it will convert you for life and you too will lust over Marlboro Man’s Chaps (go here for a visual).

Another blog that just amuses me to no end is SO VERY ALONE… it is about a sad soul and is very entertaining. He recently “decided” to stop blogging, but now seems to have resolved to continue. My heart is happy.

CT Daily Photo is a wonderful website for all those who love photography and Cape Town. Beautiful Photos to inspire you.

The Adventures of Miss M Miss M lives in London and writes succinct, amusing anecdotes of her life. Very good stuff.

So Close is written by a South African woman who suffered through years of infertility and failed fertility treatments. She has two children now and is trying again. She also runs an egg donor company. Read her timeline with infertility. Besides, her son’s name is Adam – she must be cool!! Read about the son she lost here.

If You only read one blog this year this is an oldie but goodie. He hasn’t been around for a while as I suspect his father is critically ill. Hopefully he will be back.

Sarcastic Mom I started reading this blog just as she was hoping to fall pregnant. She did. Then she miscarried. A very real blog about being a mother.

I Hate my Flatmate a blog I read every now and then to remind me of my youth. Well written and amusing.

Too Much Coffee a hard hitting South African blog with excellent writing

Post Secret an addictive, voyeuristic blog where people post their darkest secrets and confessions. Not always easy reading.

Peas on Toast Fantastic Blog written by (I think) the coolest chick in SA. About to move to London. Should make for some interesting blog fodder in the future.

There you have it – some of my favourite blogs.


2 Responses to “Blogs I Stalk”

  1. The Divine Miss M May 22, 2008 at 5:06 pm #

    Wow thanks for the shout out!

    You should comment more and join the family of us all 🙂

    I’ll be keeping an eye out on your blog ..

  2. purpleronnie May 23, 2008 at 9:05 am #

    I’ll be sure to check these out.. I am also addicted to blogs.

    I love love love Pioneer Woman – actually I believe she is me – just waaay more organised!

    I also pop in at SO CLOSE every now and again.. I have her book SO CLOSE as well – it is so wonderful and btw she used the same fertility specialist that I did who also eventually helped me get preggers – he is a saint!

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