Our Stormy Sea

18 May

I have a feeling I am going to start posting more and more photos here. My course is now in full swing and I am only beginning to really understand my camera. So, apologies in advance if I overload you with photos in the future.

Today was supposed to be REALLY hot – so we all traipsed down to the beach to enjoy the weather. But it was really rather surreal down at the beach. It was warm but the sky looked grey and the sea was raging and stormy.

Of course, I had my camera with me. Mainly because I have homework for Tuesday and I am struggling to complete it… But I was really taken with the stormy sea. We came across this still rock pool and I loved the contrast of the stillness of the water with the raging green & grey water behind it.

Of course, the boys were also drawn to the pool – for different reasons… Here they are: ruining my lovely flat, reflecting pool.

Adam is really starting to disapprove of my camera – and comes to me and pushes it away saying “BO!” (I think it is a cross between “go” and “no”). I am sure if I persevere long enough, he will think it is a permanent attachment?


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