ons huisie

31 Mar

Here are a few photos taken a while back of Adam at Ons Huisie. We had breakfast there one morning and Adam was really a model child. He played quietly and was just too cute for words. I know it seems like he never smiles – and he is a very serious child – but he does smile… I can just never quite capture the smiles on camera.

He approaches anything new with circumspect reservation until he sorts it out in his mind. Most things (me and my camera included) get a serious ponderous look more often than not. He takes in so much and is very focused about a lot of things. He is like me in that way. But he has a devilish sense of humour that he gets from his Dad – I just wish I could get it on camera!!

In the series of photos below he is eating his morning snack – raisins. He LOVES raisins. I could never eat them non-stop like he does. He will walk around with the bowl all morning making smacking “mmmm” noises as he eats them. And he loves to share – see him offering them below!!


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