adam in garden

31 Mar

okay, so I know that I don’t write as much as I did before. I am not sure why. Maybe because with my new camera and photoshop I am more visually orientated these days. That, added to the fact that I am generally a girl of few words… all adds up to “nothing much to say

Here are some photos of Adam yesterday. He has SUCH fun watering the garden. Well, actually the fun is filling up the bucket and emptying it over himself and spraying mommy with the hose.

Every now and then he will stop to wave at someone driving past in their cars (everyone gets a wave – my child the politician). He also stops to investigate every sound he hears. I am convinced that he has super sonic hearing because the kid hears things that don’t come near my consciousness. He points his finger in the vicinity of his ear when he hears something and then looks around to find the source

I have more pics to post and will get around to them soon. The last week was hectic because Adam was sick again – Croup and Bronchitis. For anyone who has experienced croup they will know how terrifying it can be at night. The barking and wheezing is just awful. I didn’t sleep the first night and lay on the floor in his room to make sure that he was breathing. So he has been at home with me for the whole week. Which leaves very little time for me to get things done!!!!


One Response to “adam in garden”

  1. Nana Fi April 2, 2008 at 3:49 pm #

    Oh Pia he is just so beautiful. You have captured so many good shots of him. Keep them coming. How is your business going. I would love to come and visit you some time, perhaps we could arrange a date with Veronica and Caroline as I have not seen Adam since Lily’s first birthday. Fiona xx

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