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5 Jan

I was really inspired by all the Christmas blogs both about traditions and about the actual day. I thought I would do my own blog about out Christmas traditions. I started off thinking that I didn’t have as many traditions as everyone else, but as the season progressed, I realised that we have quite a few. Be warned… many photos attached!!

Today is the 12th day of Christmas and, as I write this, all my Christmas decorations are packed away and stowed in their boxes in the garage. I was very good this year, my outside decorations (icicle lights and a glowing Santa sign with the words “Santa stop here”) went up on the 1st. This was the first time that I put up “Bothasig-esque” lights, but it really loved it. Everyone in our section of the complex (except bah-humbug-Gina) had lights up. So much so, that I renamed our complex “Little Bothasig”. It was wonderfully kitsch but wonderfully festive too.

I put the tree up on the 2nd as, unlike Wendy, I was not brave enough to put up my tree with Adam around, so it had to wait for his nap on the 2nd. Although he wasn’t involved in setting the tree up, it turned out well because of the surprise he got when he first saw the tree – I will never forget the look of awe on his face when he spotted the tree for the first time. Tinsel R 80. Decorations R 130. Christmas Lights R 150. The look on Adam’s face? Priceless!! Of course, from that moment on, we never had a moments peace as the rest of Christmas was spent repeating a few key phrases…”Adam, leave the tree alone!!”, “Adam – NO!”, “…Adam… ADAM!! Don’t Touch!!…ADAM!!!

There are a few traditions that I missed out on this year (driving through Bothasig, and our traditional drive down Adderley Street) but I hope to start them again next Christmas. I also can’t wait for our babies to be big enough to go to Uncle Pauls. We used to go as kids and I can’t wait to show it all to Adam. Uncle Pauls is one of my best memories of Christmas as a child and I just know that he will love it as much as I did. I also loved going to midnight mass when I was younger, but that will have to wait until Adam is quite a bit older. I’m not sure if his Dad will be happy with me taking him to mass. We’ll have to see down the line!

Here is a photo of Adam getting into the Christmas spirit (in Amy’s hat… hope we didn’t stretch it too much!). I like to think that he is writing his letter to Santa… such concentration!

Adam’s first Santa experience was at school where Santa arrived with presents for each child. Adam was highly suspicious of the strange looking person in red and would not take the present from him. He wasn’t scared or shy, he didn’t turn his face away – it was more like he wouldn’t take his eye of Santa in case Santa was really a deviant intent on stealing his blanket. I laughed so hard I cried. I must admit, I was really excited about the present (specially selected and pondered over) and I was convinced that Adam would be thrilled too. I couldn’t wait for the look on his face and the hours of entertainment that it would provide. Alas, he was only moderately happy for about 5 minutes and hasn’t looked at the toy since. Santa’s elf is crushed.

One of our traditions is that every year I go to my mom’s house to put up their tree. This time I was brave and thought Adam might like to join in… He had a wonderful time draping lights, tinsel and strings of beads around his neck. He also developed a wonderful knack for either running off with the decorations or throwing the delicate breakable ones with festive enthusiasm. We eventually admitted defeat and finished it off while he had his nap. Here he is with the lights he was so fascinated with.

I really loved Sue’s post about having individual, special decorations that are brought out every year and I think that I would like to do something like that for Adam in the future. I am not sure if I can let go of my beautifully decorated colour-coded tree, so he may just get his own tree. I’ll have to see!! We usually pick a new colour theme each year and decorate accordingly (everything from the tree to the wrapping to the table decorations have to be in theme – and woe betide the innocent male who does not adhere to the theme…. death by ridicule!!!). We have had every colour scheme under the sun. From pink and silver. To sky blue. To purple and silver. To silver and gold only. To pink and turquoise. This year my tree was green and gold. My mom’s was red and gold. I really enjoyed our return to the traditional colours. Here is a picture of Adam and Dave enjoying the finished product.

Adam decided that one gold ball was not correctly placed…

We spent Christmas eve at my Mom’s house… easier for Adam and for us!! Here is a photo of Adam next to the fire place leaving a mince pie and port for Father Christmas (note the special serviette). There is also a nut strategically place for the reindeer. Dave felt that they might be peckish too. Not sure what Santa thought of the Buddha in his way…!?!?

We always have a wonderful Christmas Dinner – cooked by wonder woman – a.k.a. my Mom. Here is a photo of our table all dressed up in red and gold. Everyone always gives a table present so that we have something to open on Christmas eve. And we always argue about when we are allowed to open them and when we are allowed to pull crackers. Presents first or crackers first – it’s a tough one! We always drink too much good wine (not a bad thing…) and become very silly. This year, in lieu of paper hats, we all wore reindeer antlers. And fun was had by all.
Christmas morning!! Adam had a ball and was a little Duracell Bunny for most of the morning. He was absolutely fascinated with the presents. And, after hearing the word “leave” too many times the previous evening, he was delighted to be able to touch them! And ripping open the paper… and finding something under the paper!! Thrills and Spills!! We always open presents with a good few glasses of orange juice and champagne. And a mince pie or two. I think, by the end of it all, Adam was ovewhelmed by all his new toys and was quite exhausted. After our marathon present opening session, and while the Duracell Bunny recharged his batteries, we had our usual good old cooked breakfast. Helps to soak up all that champagne (!).

Adam – mistakenly believing that the biggest present was for him….

Adam in a towel that my mom bought him. He got a little paddling pool for Christmas and here is later in the day running around in his littel swimmer nappies and his towel. (Dave called him a super hero – and he looked exactly like a super hero in a cape!!)

We all went to Dave’s sister, Joanne for a slap up meal on the day. She loves Nigella and reproduced her entire Christmas Menu. It was divine!! Here is a photo of Adam with his Pop at Joanne’s House. Both sporting their antlers.

Well, I was planning to write a whole lot more, but Dave is shouting from the bedroom that it is too late to be up. So I guess I had better wrap it up.
In summary, I had a wonderful Christmas. I loved spending the night at my Mom’s and waking up on Christmas morning as a family. Watching Adam opening his presents was a delight I can’t wait until next year when he will understand a little more and the excitement will notch up a level. There is nothing quite like the delighted squeal of a child – as he rips off the paper on his present – to make you believe in all that is good and true in the world. Christmas really is all about the children and it is them that help you believe in the magic rather than the other way round!!

One Response to “The Christmas Blog”

  1. Wendy January 10, 2008 at 7:44 pm #

    what a lovely christmas you had. you have lots of traditions. I have always loved dinner on christmas eve.
    Adam looks like he loves christmas so you will have to relent and let him be involved in the tree and let the colour theme go hee hee


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