Here’s to 2008

2 Jan

Well, 2008 is here. It is the year of reckoning for me. I will have to work hard to create a future for myself and my family. I was planning to list all my new years resolutions on my blog site – to encourage me to stick to them. But I am afraid that I may exceed my GB limit in one fell swoop if I was to list them all!

So I did some research. What else am I supposed to do? I have ADSL.

The guidelines are: stick to as few resolutions as possible and try to think of a resolution you have never had before. Those were the two useful tips (along with make them measurable, attainable, write them down, tell someone, blah, blah, blah). I was fast on my way to listing the usual lose-weight-get-fit-keep-the-house-clean-get-out-more-be-a-better-friend commitments. But lets get real – tried all of those many times before with limited success. So I have decided on one resolution and one only. And, dammit I am going to stick to it for the whole year.

I will (for the first time in my entire life) use a daily diary. Not the “dear diary, I-wish so-and-so-liked-me-more-diary”. I mean a daily planner. A daily play-by-play. Complete with lists and action plans. I have NEVER managed to use a diary with any persistent regularity. I try. I really try. But I just can’t get there. So this year I will try to use my Daily Planner Every Day. It will become my new best friend and it will empower me to achieve my goals for this year. It’s going to work this time. I really feel it in my bones.

Well, starting from tomorrow? Or maybe Friday? Who starts a new rule on their birthday? (YAY! Happy Birthday to me!) Well, maybe Monday then??

Here is a summary of my year to date:

1st: No work – public holiday (duh!)
2nd: No work – Adam’s daycare not open. Besides in the Cape it is Tweede Nuwe Jaar and almost a public holiday anyway!! (duh!)
3rd: No work – birthday (duh!)
4th: No work – Dave’s last day off and our last “Adam free day” till who knows when.
5th: No Work – Saturday (duh!)
6th: No Work – Sunday (duh!)

So I am 0-6 to date… ADAM!! Bring mommy her diary!! …NOW… (***voice wobbling in panic***)


One Response to “Here’s to 2008”

  1. Nana Fi January 3, 2008 at 7:18 pm #

    Hooray you are back. You make me lol pia you really do. Diaries are great once you get the hang of them, I find the big one on the wall the best with all the big squares it must hang in front of your nose so that you see exactly what you have written!!! Hope it works for you and Adam is really clever that he know what a diary is already – you are off to a good start!!!! Nana Fi xxx PS Oh I hope you had a wonderful birthday with lots of spoiling. xxx

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