RWC Champions!

22 Oct

Q: what do you call an English man holding the rugby world cup??

A: The Engraver!!

Never have the minutes of a rugby game ticked by as slowly as this one!! Those last few minutes waiting for the final whistle felt like an eternity!!

I ended up watching it with both Dave and Freddy at a pub in Durbanville. Freddy must be infectious because both of us ended up pretty drunk (thanks to all those sprinkbokkies) and very LOUD! Dave was very gracious in defeat (what else can you be when you are the only person in a packed bar wearing a red and white shirt…??). He was surrounded by people jumping up and down shouting “we won, we won, we won, we won” and “burn that shirt, burn that shirt, burn that shirt”. I think he has 1000 little bruises all over his body from people “bok-butting” him all night (making little horns on top of their head with their index fingers and butting his shoulders, back, chest, tummy). Although I think he deserved it all (and more), he took it very well!!

And I have tried being very sensitive by not gloating at all. It is very difficult!

On a slightly different track, my only other comment about the RWC is the following. Surely nothing can bring a nation together like this world cup has? Watching reports on TV all weekend, it was notable to see all races and cultures celebrating together. The entire nation was united in supporting the boks. Nobody was interested in how many black players were in the team. Nobody cared about quotas. All everyone cared about was “bringing it home”. And now that we have won the cup, the positive waves will undoubtedly be felt for months to come? The politicians use race quotas to promote equality but I can’t think of anything that has brought our nation together more than this one event has. In fact, the last time was 12 years ago when we won the last world cup. A winning team should always be the our main goal. Quotas should be thrown out the window, because at the end of the day, when we win like we just did, nobody cares how many of the players were white.

Should we be sending a “quota correct” team to the world cup to lose in the opening stages? A team that will leave controversy and bitterness at home? Or, should we be sending a winning team, the strongest team possible so that the whole of South Africa is once again united? A team that inspires a nation and makes little boys of all colours go out and kick a rugby ball around the streets. Surely that’s the best way to get more black players into the game? Make them proud to be South African? Make them want to represent their country at the next world cup? Make them want to grow up to be a springbok!!

Hoeka Chaka!!


One Response to “RWC Champions!”

  1. Nana Fi October 28, 2007 at 10:14 am #

    You are so so so right pia. It just lightens your heart to see how everyone celebrated together. I think the only people who make race an issue are the politicians and the media. Great Stuff Boks!!! We are the Champions!!! ARe you going to watch the parade? Nana Fi xxx

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