…it was a giant mistake… GIGANTIC……

20 Sep

((Okay, so this post is in no way related to any giant mistake I have made or plan on making. The title is deceptive. Do not expect any grand confessions.))

Adam has, quite simply, finally learnt about the wonders of music, and it has inspired me to write about it. His father’s child in many ways, I am constantly on the lookout for a glimmer of myself in him… maybe this is it?

It has taken a while, but he has finally learnt to clap his hands. A wide, whole-body expressive action where his hands are pulled right back and brought back together in a deliberate focused clap (picture a straight arm pec dec machine at the gym). Whenever the music starts he starts to shake and sway his head (picture Stevie Wonder). He walks around looking like he is trying to shake water out of his ears while trying to catch a fly in his hands. It.is.just.too.adorable!!

I would post photographs, but it is really something that is better in real life.

Still on a musical note… I have been meaning to post a blog about music for a while now. I have often wondered and debated as to what makes a good song. Dave is all about the melody. When pressed, he can never actually tell you what the song is about. For me it is all about the music, but there have to be good words too. If a song falls fat with the words, then the tune better be out of this world for me to appreciate it. Most of the time a song loses me if the lyrics don’t touch me. To steal a quote from Drew Barrymore in Music and Lyrics “A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. Sex. But then, as you get to know the person, that’s the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It’s the combination of the two that makes it magical”. The really great songs have both.

I have been having a serious sexual fling with The Parlotones lately “Gigantic Mistake” is just one of those songs that makes me pump up the volume in my car and sing out loud. All together now… gi.gaaaan.tic…. How good is SA music lately?? The new Driverslane and Nude Girls are two HOT tracks too. But my latest favourite is Karen Zoid “Aeroplane Jane”… how cool is this song???? What can I say… all my latest favourites are proudly South African. SA music is SEXY!!


One Response to “…it was a giant mistake… GIGANTIC……”

  1. purpleronnie September 26, 2007 at 7:21 am #

    Yay!! I just love that song and I must say I am also loving it!! All the SA bands are fantastic at the moment. I am also having a love affair with them. Have you heard Casette? Brilliant!!
    I am also a lyrics and meaning girl. Every new song I hear I go and get the lyrics off lyricsmania.com – it is very important to me to have good music, but the lyrics are the dealbreaker!
    Can’t wait to see the little guy dance!!!

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