Adam’s Favourite Toys

7 Sep

It has been a two weeks since Adam’s party and I have cleared out a shelf and a drawer in the lounge to accommodate the sudden eruption of toys and playthings. He received so many wonderful toys and he was really spoilt. As you know from my previous posts, August/Sept is a month of birthdays and I have been spending every week-end at Baby City buying presents for the endless birthdays (And, no, I am not a planner, so I have no concept of how to buy everything in one session – much to Dave’s annoyance).

So, where am I going with all this? Well, all this recent focus on presents has made me think back to some of Adam’s favourite toys. I thought that I would compile a list so that other mom’s can see what the best toys are that money can buy. Let’s see…. Of all the toys on his shelf, in his room, in his drawer, in his toy basket… is favourites are:

The metal formula can that he bangs on with a spoon. The empty Pringles tube with a block in it. This toy was a real winner. It encouraged him to crawl when he was smaller (as it rolled out of his grasp), and now that he is older, it is great to shake and throw. Then there is the Woolies lunch box with the shiny inside that is great to hide toys in and rediscover them over and over again. Another favourite toy is the empty water bottle filled with beans that is just THE BEST thing to shake and shake and shake. An all time favourite is an old phone that gets dragged around the house, placed onto ledges and pulled off with as much ferocity and clatter as possible. The cord is also wonderful to chew on when teething. Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a good set of keys to chew on. Not forgetting the trusty remote. This is a great toy. It has so many functions: I works with the big box in the cupboard and, if you press the buttons for long enough, the box lights up and makes loud noises!! It is also a wonderful thing to throw, because, if you do it just right (and this takes lots of practice) it opens up and some long, round things pop out that are cool to put into your mouth. This must be done quickly because mommy likes to jump up and take them away. But that’s okay, because you just get hold of the remote again and start the game over. And the cell phone – oh, the joys!! It makes noises and lights up if you press the right buttons. It also makes a nice noise when you throw it on the floor – not to mention that Mommy pays me a whole lot more attention when I throw the phone – it’s a really great attention getter!
In the bath, the all time favourite toy is an empty (free sample) bottle of baby soap. We spend ages in the bath trying to get the top onto the bottle. It’s also fun to fill up the bottle and empty the water out. (note: do not empty bottle back into the bath – this gets a nice reaction from mommy and daddy).
But, I have to say, that the best and most favourite toy of all is the broom! He started playing with the broom when he was about 5 months old and hasn’t stopped since. None of the nice, noisy, expensive, colourful, educational toys in his drawer/basket/shelf come close to having the appeal of the broom. As long as he has his broom he is a happy monkey. Occasionally I will hide the broom in the hope that he will develop a fixation on something else. To no avail. The broom is the bestest of the bestest. Nothing can ever or will ever compare. It’s broom or bust.


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