The Edge of the Ledge

3 Sep

Well, it has been a while since my last post. I managed to survive the Bond Choice month end – but only barely. I am getting to the end of my tether very quickly and the sooner I get out of here the better. The advice from most people is to just do it. The fear is never going to go away and the timing will never be perfect. So I just need to breathe and do it!

Unfortunately just doing anything is not my forte. I am more of a “wait-in-the-wings-and-see-what-others-think/do-and consider-all-the options-and-alternatives-before-even-thinking-of doing-anything” kind of person. It once took me over an hour to jump off the high dive at the Sea Point swimming pool. I am NOT a “just do it” kind of person. Luckily I can take heart from the fact that, although it may have taken forever, I did eventually did jump! It’s all about baby steps and I have started to take my baby steps towards the edge of the ledge that is Bond Choice.

I have decided to call my business “urchins” and now have to get the website domain registered. Thanks to exactly TWO of you who responded to my appeal and gave me some ideas (useless bloody lot you are!). In the end, I was playing around with the thesaurus and came up with “urchin”. I would have like “urchin art” but the name was taken, as is “”. Since then I have been toying with “urban urchins” and “urchins” – but I think I am settling on “urchins”.

Now the next step, once I have finalised the name and domain, is to start advertising! I’ll just throw it out there and see what bounces back!! I’ll keep you posted!


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