"it" happened

21 Aug

Well, friends with little boys have been warning me about this moment for ages… And now, far too soon, here it is!!!

Last night, in the bath, Adam discovered his… um **blush** , well…, his umm, … you know… his “you-know-what”.

His hand wondered down there and he started fiddling and playing (all this without my knowledge). The next thing I know, he is looking up at me, laughing in delight with glee written all over his face. I couldn’t figure out what was making him so happy until my eyes followed his hand.

Well I couldn’t help but laugh at look of utter delight written on his face. He was so adorable and so completely innocent. Well, of course, once discovered, all other fun bath toys were instantly forgotten. Again and again his hand strayed and the result was fits of merry giggles each time. And of course, I dissolved in laughter every time too. I was admonished by Dave who told me that I must not encourage him. And, while I agree with this, that first look of pure innocent delight was just too precious.

Where did my baby go? My little boy is growing up!


One Response to “"it" happened”

  1. purpleronnie August 22, 2007 at 6:50 am #

    Yikes!!! Boys are scary little things aren’t they!!! Hahahahhaaha!

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