Tell me why I don’t like August…

16 Aug

Why is everybody born in August??????? My life is surrounded my Leos and Virgos. I am declaring November and December no-sex months for all my friends and family. That Christmas spirit is obviously too much for you lot. From now on, the minute Christmas decorations go up – NO SEX!! Don’t even smile at each other!! No eggnog. No punch. NO PARTIES. ABSOLUTELY NO MISTLETOE!!! If you could hold out until the new year, that would be really great!

Here are all my beloved Leos and Virgos:

24th – Baby Monique
6th – Suzaan, Erica
9th – Sean
10th – Marek
12th – My Darling Dave
13th – Baby Lily
17th – Uncle Turtle
19th – Aunty Bling
19th – Marcus
24th – Baby Avnit (?)
27th – My Precious Baby Adam
28th – Baby Danielle
30th – Veronica
2nd – Bev
3rd – Little Erin
5th – Morag
7th – My darling little Cameron & Tim
12th – Amy
13th – Tania
14th – Poppop
16th – Little Robyn

That’s 28 birthdays in 6 weeks…. That’s almost 5 a week people!! I am officially starting a petition to officially move Christmas to July! Some March babies would be dandy!

So for all of you wondering why I have that dazed and confused look… now you know. Especially as I now have a little boy’s birthday party to plan in the midst of all of these birthdays. Sing along with me now:

I’m knitting with only one needle
Unravelling fast its true
I’m driving only three wheels these days
I’m going slightly mad
It finally happened
It finally happened – oh yes!
It finally happened
I’m slightly mad!
Just very slightly mad

p.s. Don’t get me wrong – I love you all madly!!

2 Responses to “Tell me why I don’t like August…”

  1. Family Life August 16, 2007 at 1:40 pm #

    I know what you mean, August has suddenly become a very busy birthday month!
    As for the naming of your business, why not have a look through a lullaby or nursery rhyme book and see if any words/phrases jump out. I like whimsical, maybe something like Memories and Moonbeams, or a logo with something to do with the cow jumping over the moon, or a beautiful rainbow??

  2. purpleronnie August 17, 2007 at 4:41 pm #

    hahahahaha!! well tuffies!!! us virgos rule the mostest!!!! crikey it is a lot man!!!

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