A Clear and Present Requirement

13 Aug

Imagine a beggar at the traffic light:
Please help. No name. No future. No hope. Any donations welcome.

I need help from all you creative geniuses out there. All you sleep-deprived insomniacs, this one is for you.

I need a name for my business. I feel like before I can move forward with anything I need a name. As you all know, it took us 3 days to name Adam. My first cat was called kitty. A second one, kit-kat. A third cat was nameless until we got a second cat and a name was necessary for practical purposes. Naming is not my forte.

Job Brief:
I want a (preferably) short name. I like “wasabi” for a sushi restaurant. “lush” for a florist. And it must link up to what I am doing. I want to do decor for childrens rooms as well as photographs and albums. I wouldn’t mind something a little whimsical. My current favourite (for lack of anything better) is moonbeams. or moondreams. I don’t mind a play on words. Dreamcatcher was a favourite for a while. My mom’s suggestion of “dickorydocks” is kinda growing on me, but doesn’t refer to the actual product.

If you find me a name I will love you even more that I already love you. You will become my official favourite person for a whole day.

Please help!


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