Ja well no fine….

10 Aug

Well, thank you all for your nice comments about my blog. It amazes me that I get any visits at all!!

But, the problem is, now I don’t know what to say! I have stage fright! It would have been better if everyone had replied to say that they thought my blog was awful and had no intention of ever visiting again. Then I could go about my merry way and carry on blogging to myself. I must admit, I gave the address out in a moment of weakness!

So. All my inspiration has flown out the window and I have serious bloggers block. So. I apologise to all of you for my lack of posting. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm?

Well, in the face of having nothing to say, I thought I would share a little teeth grinding incident I like to file under the general heading “Men!!!” (uggg… can’t live with them… can’t kill them).

For some reason, I am really feeling sorry for myself because I don’t have a really nice (read: expensive) ring. And, me thinks, it would be nice to receive said ring from David. No… down girls… Not “the” ring. Just “a” ring. Any ring. A nice one. I would even settle for a not-too-expensive one.

For all of you who know Dave, “the” ring, “a” ring or even “any” ring is just not on the cards. And, for all of you who know me, you know that I would never actually ask for a ring. I know you’re thinking that it sounds like a stalemate, but I have an ace up my sleeve. I have a ring which Dave once bought me, when the romance was strong, when he thought that he couldn’t live without me and before he actually had to live with me. Unfortunately the ring has never fit too well and, with passing years and passing pounds, I am pretty sure that it no longer fits at all!!

To me, it seems like a good solution to have this ring made bigger. But I refuse to do it myself – I stubbornly believe that Dave should be the one to do it. But, whenever I bring up the issue, Dave likes to remind me that he once bought me a ring which I never wear. Apparently this is the killer statement of all statements: I never wear it ergo I don’t want it/don’t like it/don’t deserve another. End of discussion. My pathetic comeback that it doesn’t fit just doesn’t suffice.

I decided to bring up this topic last week. Conversation went as follows:

Pia: Dave?

Pia: Dave?

Dave: mmm…

Pia: Dave are you listening?

Dave: mmm…

Pia: Dave? When are you going to have my ring made bigger??

Dave: uhhn?

Pia: You know, that ring you gave me?

Dave: The ring I gave you that you never wear?

Pia: Dave, I don’t wear it because it doesn’t fit.

Dave: (obviously the discussion is over)

Pia: Dave, it would be nice to have a ring…

Dave: (the discussion is still over)

Pia: Dave?

Dave: … (thinking)…. (then… with a sly grin)…

…you mean the ring of my love surrounding you is not enough?



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