Adam’s Day at the Beach

6 Aug
Well, I got my Saturday wish. On Sunday, thanks to Dave entertaining Adam in the early morning, I got to lie in bed later than usual. Which, with an almost-one-year-old, means staying in bed until 8:00. What bliss. I know that there are those of you out there who consider 8:00 on a Sunday the crack of dawn, but for me that extra hour/hour and a half worked wonders for my soul. Then we packed little Adamles into the car and took him off to the beach where he had his first taste of ice-cream. Like his mom, he couldn’t get enough (refer picture for evidence). Everytime I brought the cone closer he was bobbing his head forward with his mouth open for action. He had to pause to get over the cold each time, but he kept coming back for more!

Then, the day was too good not to share, so Granny and Pop got in on the action in the afternoon and Adam was again packed off to the beach. This time, in true Loney/Geach style, a bottle of wine replaced the ice-cream. My Kiwi family will be impressed with the wine choice… so was Adam…


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